Andy Findley Letter


I just talked to Scott Dover and he told me about the website. I was just wondering how life was treating you these days.
How is the family doing? I just wanted to tell you how much I truly enjoyed playing ball for you. The lessons that I leaned on the court from you were not just lessons for basketball but also for life. We had some ups and downs on the court but I always leaned on the leadership and guidance that you provided for me. You were a very good role model that I needed during an impressionable time in my life. I made some mistakes just like everyone but I was fortunate that my mistakes were not life altering ones. I know that I did not go on to any basketball scholarships like many of your other players but I still like to think that years that I spent playing for you were years that I benefited from. I am still married to my wife of eight years. We have a little girl that is two years old. I still work for Bartow County Government where I am The Assistant Purchasing Director. I am about to finish my tenth year with the county. I am finishing my bachelors from shorter college. When I finish there I will be go to the University of Georgia to get my Master’s In Business Administration. Once again thank you for all that you did for me as young kid.

Andy Findley
Assistant Purchasing Director
Bartow County Government