Norm Parker


Norman Parker established the Georgia Stars Basketball Program to help enhance and

develop the player athletically, academically and socially for their college experience and life after basketball. The program will provide the best competition possible and the best exposure possible, by surrounding players with good adult coaches that have been successful in business and have integrity as well as commitment to be the best coach, teacher and role model possible.

The Georgia Stars Basketball, Inc. program was established by Norman Parker in 1988-1989 as a non-profit, 501(C)(3) charitable organization to provide basketball skill training, competition and education help and financial assistance to players in need

Organizational Accomplishments

5-NBA Drafted in 1st round

7-current NBA Players

42-current pro-Players

5-National Championships

18-National Championship final four

43-State Championships teams

9-Georgia H.S. Players of the year

8-McDonald All American Players

0ver 400 plus-College Division-1-Players

*Gani Lawal–McDonald’s All American 2007

*Al Farouq Aminu–McDonald’s All American 2008

*Kwame Brown–First High School Player ever drafted #1 into NBA

*Tim Morris—USA Olympic Gold Medalist Winner-2002

*Coach Norman Parker—USA Team Coach—Gold Medalist Winner-2002

*Michael Mercer—USA Olympic Gold Medalist Winner-2004

*Louis Williams—USA Olympic Gold Medalist Winner-2004

*Louis Williams—Naismith Player of the Year